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Move With Deb the Podcast

Mar 26, 2021

Listen up! In this episode I share why this collective experiment with managing the symptoms of the vaccine are the same exact tools I teach around changing the experience of pain. 

Be your own scientist in this great mind/body laboratory!

I share some client stories about their vaccine prep and navigating unpleasant...

Mar 20, 2021

This week I share some concepts that I blend into my pain recovery program which I call cognitive-somatic mapping. I discussed the experience of The Felt Sense in last week's episode.

Cognitive Fusion is a concept from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy that helps people see that their thoughts are just sentences in...

Mar 14, 2021

In this episode I discuss the concept of The Felt Sense. 

I share the work of Dr. Gedlin, the founder of Focusing and namer of the idea of "the felt sense".

I read from this article -

You don't need to understand...

Mar 7, 2021

Content announcement, I mention my friend's death from Covid.

What is the felt sense of the thought?
In this episode I discuss the feelings about the willingness or not to have and experience feelings and how that becomes a trigger for our threat alarm.

I discuss the difference between emotional allowance...